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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This has been a hard winter. Chores can be tough in the cold and snow. But, we 'farm chicks' have devised ways to make our work alittle simpler. For instance, our 'choo choo train'. We have to haul out the milk machine and equipment morning and night. So, we strap on everything possible and 'push & pull' together to get our 'choo choo train' out to the barn. I even had to make a 'warmer' for the claws of the milker. When the weather is below freezing, the claws won't work well. So, I made some 'corn bags' that I heat up in the microwave and put them in the bucket and covor with a blanket. Keeps them warm and cozy and working! Plus, I can warm my hands with the corn bags while the cow is being milked. I couldn't work our little farmette with out my 'farm chicks' Leah & Anna.


  1. what are you going to do when these 2 move away from home! I love the pic-great chicks you got there (I know it takes training, but they give me hope!)

  2. I don't know what I'll do when they move out. They are the last two out of six! They are all awesome!