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Vintage Campers!

I enjoy setting up the campers on our little
'farmette' property.  I add settee areas around them so 
that they can be enjoyed year round.
They are also used as extra sleeping quarters
for family and friends that stay overnight.
 1971 Cardinal

I have always wanted to own a vintage camper.
I was driving through our small town and saw
this camper parked in someone's yard.
I stopped and asked if it was for sale.
They said yes and we struck a 'deal'!
It was painted blue and white at the time.
I brought it home and parked it in the yard
I decorated the inside in shabby chic vintage.
One day 'hubby' came home and said that he was 
going to have it renovated.
It had a lot of wood rot.  
So, we hired a local carpenter and he renovated the
inside in a cabin theme.

Here are some 'before' pictures.

Here are some 'after' pictures.

Our next addition is the
1954 Clipper Silverstreak

  This beauty was owned by my parents for 10 years.
It had been sitting in a field in Oklahoma.
It was abused and in need of repair.
My mom and dad spent many hours renovating the camper.
They traveled all over with this 'girl'!
They upgraded to a newer camper making it possible
for my husband and I to own it!

Here are some pics of the inside.

This beautiful light cover was in the Clipper.
There were two at one time in the back bedroom.
But this is the only one left.
I put a candle behind it.  It's the 'centerpiece' of the camper.

TAG "Little Guy" Camper
 Kitchen in the back of the 'Little Guy' Camper
OK, this 'Little Guy' is not a vintage camper....it is hubby and my B&B...Bed in a Box.  We hook up to it at any given weekend and head out!  We love it!  

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