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The Herbal Life

I Love Herbs!
I love their aroma...I love their flavor
I love their healing properties.

As an avid gardener, I have always grown herbs.
While working in the gardens,
I enjoy brushing up against the herb bushes
and getting a whiff of herbal aroma on a hot summer day!
It's refreshing....and calming.

We love cooking around our house and
  adding fresh cut herbs to any recipe 
brings on the flavor!

I have always read about and even dabbled with making
home remedies using herbs.  I decided to 
get serious about my herbal education.

I first became a member of the Herb Mentor and a 
whole new and exciting world has opened up to me!
Next I took a few e-courses from Rosalee de la Foret.
I continued to find more on-line educational courses that fit my style of learning.  My all time favorite course has been through Rosemary Gladstar.  Her Science and Art of Herbalism is awesome!
You too can take a journey into the study of herbs!
I have links at the bottom of this page of many wonderful 
practicing herbalists.

As I continue to learn about herbs, I have added pages on this website that help me with my own journey in the study of herbs.     

We here at Heritage Home~Place host fun and educational workshops and classes.  Click on the link to find out what's going on in each class.

A Beginner's Guide to Herbalism 
As a student in the study of herbalism, I love sharing all of the wonderful things that I am learning with others.  Join me and let's learn together!

Herbal Preparations 
As I continue with my studies with several wonderful herbalists, I am learning how to make some effective and wonderful herbal preparations for my family's use.   

Nourishing Herbal Infusions 
I love drinking infusions on a daily basis.  Here are some great recipes and information about the herbs used.

Cold Care Herbs
No one likes a cold/flu!  Here are a few tips and nourishing herbal remedies to help prevent a cold and to get well quicker if you get a cold/flu.

Herb Materia Medica
As I continue my education in herbalism, it helps me to 'retain' what I learn if I share it.  These pages cover some basics of the body systems and herbs that help nourish and tone each system. 

Medical Actions of Herbs

This page gives the references that I use as I am continuing with my herbal studies  There are many wonderful practicing herbalist that I learn from and follow. 


Methow Valley Herbs:  Rosalee de la Foret

Rose Mountain Herbs
is a wonderful place to order organic dried herbs.

Natural Herbal Living 

Wintergreen Botanicals 

Herbal Roots zine 


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