Heritage Home~Place

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Baby Goats!

Our Nubian Doe, Sweet Pea, had triplets on November 27th. Here is a pic of two of them...little doelings. She also has a buckling...not pictured. They are so cute! We have had a bit of trouble with the 'feeding' of these little ones. We usually remove the kids from the mommy at birth. We were out of town when they were born, so they nursed off of mommy. We left all three of them on her but had to remove them to heal up her udders. With three nursing consantly, her udders became quite sore. After getting her on the road to healing, we then put the two doelings back on her. We are bottlefeeding the buckling. All are now doing well!

We milk Sweet Pea each morning for family use. We make kefir, yogurt and chevre cheese out of goat milk.
This is a good website to introduce you to Create Better Health with Cultured Foods.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome to our Farm!

Welcome to our Farm!

Well, actually a 'farmette'! We have a five acre piece of property in N.W. Missouri that we call Heritage Home~Place. It is a part of my husband's family's property. My family owned the property next door so I was the 'girl next door'. My husband and I started dating as teenagers and have been together ever since. We have 6 children (two grown and married and four still at home). We have 6 grandchildren. We are a homeschooling family.

We have a few dairy goats. Nubian and Alpine. We just bought our first Jersey milk cow. She is due to give birth in about a month. We are looking forward to the rich Jersey milk with lots of cream!

We also have a few chickens, two cats and three dogs.

We are gardeners as well. We grow enough produce for our own family use and to share with others and to sell a bit as well.

We also host a monthly gathering called "Lifestyle of Living Health & Wellness Education". We are a group of families that are interested in learning the various ways of living a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness in every area of our being...spirit, soul and body.

We bring in special guest speakers that share their views, products & services concerning living a healthier lifestyle. There is always great learning, good food, good fellowship and good medicine called laughter at these gatherings.