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Mission Statement
Discover everyday solutions for common health issues through the study and use of herbs. 

Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living
It is our purpose to lead a healthy lifestyle in every area of who we are:
Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body
Living the abundant life of peace and joy is rewarding.
No, we can not control everything that happens in our life. But, we can 'aim' toward health and wellness in each area.

    I personally have found the study of herbs a fascinating experience!  More importantly, learning how to apply what I'm learning by making herbal preparations/remedies for every day health needs in our family is so rewarding!  We can take care of basic health issues by using herbs and proper nutrition!

The Herbal Life classes/workshops are hands-on education about the amazing healing properties of herbs.  At each class/workshop we will teach/demonstrate how to make preparations/remedies that are useful solutions for many areas of our health and wellness needs.  Each student/participant will receive handouts that cover the information discussed.  We will also do 'drawings' for free samples of the preparations/remedies made during the class/workshop.
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We love to fellowship with old friends and new friends!  
We like to begin the workshop with healthy refreshments.
We invite you to bring a recipe to share with the group.

        Be prepared to have fun and to learn more about herbs and how to implement their amazing healing properties into your everyday life!

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"The Herbal Life"

 "The Herbal Life" Series:

  Herbal Basics:
$15 per class   

This series of herbal education covers many basic terms and 'how-to' in making herbal remedies and preparations.  Each meeting will cover a different body system and the herbs that tone and nourish the system.    

Pamper Yourself 'Naturally':
$15 per class
 This series of herbal education is all about 'pampering' yourself with natural remedies.  This is a true 'girly girl' fun workshop series! 

Children Learn Herbs
$ ? per family
This series of herbal education is for families with children of school age.  These are definitely 'hands-on' workshops that are fun for kids.  This is a great series for homeschool families to participate in!

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The Herbal Life 
This discussion group page is designed to learn how to make 
simple medicinal preparations.  





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