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Mission Statement
Discover everyday solutions for common health issues through the study and use of
herbs, spices and wholesome foods.

Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living
It is our purpose to lead a healthy lifestyle in every area of who we are:
Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body
Living the abundant life of peace and joy is rewarding.
No, we can not control everything that happens in our life. But, we can 'aim' toward health and wellness in each area. We can take care of basic health issues by using
herbs, spices and proper nutrition! 
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We love to fellowship with old friends and new friends!  
We like to begin the meeting with healthy refreshments.
We invite you to bring a recipe to share with the group.

        Be prepared to have fun and to learn more about herbs/spice/wholesome foods and how to implement their amazing healing properties into your everyday life!

“The Herbal Life”

Heritage Home~Place invites you to join us for this year’s FREE 2018 monthly classes.
The Herbal Life:  Spring Series:
Herbs and Health in the Kitchen”
Click HERE to join the March Class.
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This year’s Spring Classes are scheduled for:

Tuesday, March 13 at 6pm: “Awaken ~ Arise and Shine”

Tuesday, April 10 at 6pm: “A Fresh Start ~ New Beginnings”
Due to renovation at the home location, we will be having the April (and May) Class at the Old School:  116W. 4th Street, Cameron, MO

Tuesday, May 8 at 6pm: “Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living”

Have you ever wondered how to implement culinary/medicinal herbs and spices into your everyday lifestyle?  And how about wholesome/healthy eating? What does that even mean???  How do we know what is and isn’t ‘healthy’ for each of us as individuals?  And really, how do we even begin a personalized healthy lifestyle way of living????  Do we even have the time?!

We invite you to join us as we ‘explore’ and ‘search out’ the answers to these and other questions that we all have about our health and well-being. 

What better place is there to begin this self-empowering journey?  We believe that the Kitchen is the central place of gathering in any home.  So, we believe that the best place to start a personal, healthy lifestyle journey is in the kitchen!

The “Herbs and Health in the Kitchen” series are FREE.  We will provide informative hand-outs for you to take home.  You will experience fun, educational hands-on learning activities at each meeting.  We always begin the meeting with food.  So, we invite you to bring a prepared dish to share with the group.  This is a great way to get to know each other as we partake in a meal together.

We will also be offering a few Make and Take Workshops throughout the year.  These Workshops will have a Registration Fee to participate.  Times and dates of these Workshops will be announced on Facebook and on our Website.

The Herbal Life:  Summer Series
"Herbs and Health in the Garden"

This year's Summer Classes are scheduled for:

Tuesday, June 12 at 6pm:
Tuesday, July 10 at 6pm:
Tuesday, August 14 at 6pm:

LOCATION:  Dee Harp ~ 7770 NE Jones Rd, Cameron, MO 64429

Contact:  816-288-0498 ~ heritagehomeplace56@gmail.com

   Follow us on FACEBOOK for times/dates for each class/workshop! 

Send a request to join our FB Groups:
The Herbal Life/In the Kitchen 
These discussion group pages are designed to learn how to make 
simple medicinal preparations and healthy, wholesome foods for your personal use.   





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