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About Us

  Who We Are

We are a family living the 'simple life' in northwest Missouri. 

It is our goal to get back to living a lifestyle that strengthens the foundations of:
 Family; Community; Integral Health and Wellness; 
Biblical Principles and Relationships.

We host Workshops/Classes about health and wellness topics.  We invite you to join us and learn with us at our next scheduled Workshop/Class.

It has always been important to my husband and I that our children work along side of us as we go about our daily household, farm and business jobs.  The experience of learning a strong work ethic during their growing up years is evident in their adult lives.  Our six children are adults now, most of them with children of their own.  We, as parents, are thankful that each of our children have strong goals and purpose in life, great work ethics, compassionate spirits, and respect for others.  Now, as grand-parents, we get to share in the joy of grand-children!  

Hubby and I still love working in the gardens.  Of course we do not grow near as much in the vegetable gardens since the children are grown. Our main gardening focus is on herbs and flowers and a few vegetables for the table.    

As for me, my whole purpose for blogging is to share our family memories. This blog is really just a place to remember.  Life is truly a magnificent journey. If we are not careful, we let the moments slip away without paying attention to the details of each day's gift of life.  So, this blog or 'scrap-book' is my way of remembering.  :-)  

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