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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Herbs and Health in the Garden

Grandson John 2016
Here is a little fella just learning about dirt and plants!
We are never to young or old to learn about the wonderful 
and miraculous natural world that we live in!
We should always be in awe of God's creation!

Our up-coming spring classes/workshops are geared
to introduce the world of early spring weeds.
 We will also spend time in the gardens for the early stages of spring planting.

“Herbs & Health in the Garden”
 Spring Class/Workshop Series
 March 15 & 29 ~ April 12 & 26 ~ May 10 & 24
 10:00 am – 4 pm
 The natural world is our 'garden'!  Herbs--plants, roots, mushrooms, trees & their fruits--are an integral part of our enjoyment  as well as our health and wellness allies! But, how to implement nature's bounty into our everyday lifestyle and  personal health plan can be overwhelming.

Early spring is a great time to learn about the 'wild weeds' and their health benefits.
 Join me here at Heritage Home~Place for our spring "Herbs & Health in the Garden" series.
 We will explore wild weeds and how to identify them, learn about their health benefits and  how to make simple preparations with them.
 We will also learn about the herbs that are cultivated in my gardens here on the farm. 
 Believe it or not, our 'culinary' herbs are full of health benefits as well!

As always, we will share hand-outs, tastings and free goodies! 
 These sessions are Free but donations are appreciated (but not expected). 

Our little Country Shoppe will also be open during these scheduled 
 "Herbs & Health in the Garden" dates.

We invite you to come and go at your leisure.
  There is no 'set time' for the day's learning activities.
  Learning is active throughout the day!
Join me on 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Herbs and Health in the Kitchen

The 'hearth' of the home is in the kitchen!
Spending time in the kitchen preparing meals with
the family is a wonderful way to build relationships
as well as make delicious healthy foods!

Hubby is the main chef in our kitchen.
I like to make healthy food variations to add
to his wonderful meals!

I'm always making cultured foods such as:
Kombucha, Kefir, Cultured Veges
along with many recipes made with these cultured basics.
I also love making Sour Dough Bread along with
various recipes using this delicious bread.
I think by far my favorite things to prepare are
Herbal Teas and Herbal Medicinals!

Each week I have opened up my kitchen to
demonstrate and share recipes that help
add extra nutrition to our everyday meals.
It is also a fun way to spend time with friends and family!

I also share hand-outs and of course Tasters!

Follow Heritage Home~Place on FB for more
information about these weekly 
Herbs and Health In the Kitchen

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Farm Girl Life

I LOVE living in the country!
I love the life of a 'farm girl'!
I love digging in the dirt, growing flowers, 
herbs, fruits and vegetables, raising chickens,
gathering eggs, milking goats and so much more!
I enjoy having my children and grandchildren along
side me during the day to day workings of my simple
farm life.
Now, when I say 'farm', I really mean 'farmette'.
Farmette is my word for a 'tiny' farm operation.
There is almost five acres of property here.
That's  a micro operation of a farm.
But, that's enough to keep me and hubby busy for sure!

I love growing herbs, flowers and vegetables.  
Our little 'farmette' is a lovely, peaceful sanctuary
to birds, bees, butterflies and people.
We really enjoy it when others come out
and enjoy the gardens and just 'relax'.
The gardens aren't perfectly 'landscaped'
or without weeds, but they sure are pretty.
I am a believer in using what you have available, 
so, when you visit you will see that I use just about anything 
as bordering, planters, fencing, trellises,  etc...
I really enjoy looking at perfectly landscaped gardens,
but that is not always affordable for most folks.
So, by using 'unique' items to landscape with, I have
a quaint, rustic look to all of my gardens.
As an herbalist, I really enjoy growing herbs
for teas and medicinals.
When visitors walk through the gardens,
I make a point to pick herbs to share for
smelling and tasting. A lot of folks do not really
get to experience with their senses the herbal botanicals.
So, next time you are visiting, take time to 
smell the herbs!

I am a firm believer that kids should
play outside, a lot.
The outdoors is a great 'teacher'.
A large portion of our gardens are fence
enclosed so that the grand-children can
enjoy the wonders of nature as they
play in the gardens.
They enjoy many hands-on experiences with bugs,
worms, plants, and DIRT!
There's nothing more beautiful than a 
dirty kid who has been digging in the dirt!
We also love it when visitors come and their 
children express their delight with our 
outdoor natural play spaces. 


We have always had some type of farm animal
here.  Our children and grand-children have
enjoyed chickens, goats, bunnies, dogs, and cats
here on the 'farm'.
It is fun for them to participate in the 'chores'
and care for the animals.
We will be getting goats very soon!  I love
dairy goats!  We will again have milk and cheese!
We enjoy it when others come out for 
farm visits to enjoy hanging out with the

 I offer workshops/classes here on the 'farmette'
about all things health and wellness.
We learn about herbs, spices, foods and
other healthy practices that we can incorporate 
into our daily lifestyle for a more vibrant life.
Over the years we have had many fabulous guest speakers at these
classes/workshops that have shared great information!
We always have a lot of fun with old friends and new
at these gatherings!
Follow us on FACEBOOK for dates and times.
Also on FB, I have GROUP PAGES that keep us connected:
The Herbal Life
In the Kitchen
In the Garden
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Heritage Home~Place Country Shoppe
is our 'farm store' here.
We offer herbs, spices, seasoning mixes, baking mixes,
soup mixes, fun foodies, gifts and more!
Our little shoppe is nestled among the gardens and
the farm animals.
The Shoppe is Open on
Friday and Saturday,

I enjoy sharing my 'farm girl life', so
whenever you visit, just take time to do a 
'walk-a-bout' through the gardens and 
visit the animals!

So, as you can see, we are more that just a
retail business here on our 'farmette'.
We invite you to come on out and visit!
We share an experience that will engage all
of your senses! 

Be sure and follow us on FACEBOOK 
to see what's going on!