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Friday, February 26, 2010

'Lights Out'

We get so used to the 'conveniences' that electricity brings...lights, hot water, heat, computer...
Our electricity went out yesterday morning around 5am while I was updating projects on-line. Fooey...I didn't save my work! I stumbled through the darkness trying to get to the flashlight. I could hear my husband 'somewhere' in the house trying to get to the matches to light the lanterns. The main thought that was going through my mind was...hope the electricity comes on soon...I'm not milking the cow by hand! :-) We got the oil lamps lit all through the house...it was cozy really. Hank had to go to the barn and milk the goat by lantern light. 'Farmer Boy'. The electricity finally did come back on an hour later. I was actually enjoying the lamplights and the warm cozy woodstove. :-) Well, back to the computer to re-do my project. But, I didn't have to milk the cow by hand!