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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone Missing...

Long time 'no see'...I've been missing from my blog for several weeks! Things are super busy here on our little 'farmette' and with life in general!

We are getting ready to open a Shoppe in Liberty, MO. We will have many vendors with products such as: Primitives, Antiques, Soaps & Lotions, Candles, Teas, Gifts, Furniture....much more! We are excited about our new venture!

On a farm note...we are selling all of our goats. We have had dairy goats for many years. We have thoroughly enjoyed them and their milk! As we near hubby's retirement we will be 'downsizing' here on our little farm. We have a few years before the actual 'retirement celebration', but are starting our retirement plans. :-)

The rain here in Missouri has been a bit much. Mud is still the topic of conversation!

The cow is still producing much milk. We have gained several milk customers to help with the excess. I have been experimenting with adding herbs and spices to my mozzarella cheeses....mmm good!

The garden has started producing! Lettuce, Kale and some early Strawberries. Love the fresh produce!!