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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tilly and Tipper

Tilly and Tipper

 It is quiet on the farm.  No tinkling of goat bells ringing here.
I got a job in an office and sold my 'girls'.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my goats over the years.
Tilly and Tipper were the last two to leave our farm.
Tilly was born on the farm this last spring.  She will be missed the most.
I am very glad that I know the new owners and their farms.
All of the 'girls' will be happy and well cared for.
A new season begins...

A Note from Timeless Images Photography


Timeless Images Photography has begun a series of photographs showing the journey of people affected by breast cancer. I hope to portray and capture in my photography, this tremendous struggle and every aspect of human nature, from sadness to victory and triumph. My photography will be a photo collection of life altering, empowering and sometimes tragic series of photos showing human nature as it triumphs in many instances and succumbs in others, a real life portrayal of a disease no one wants to talk about.

My photos are just the beginning of my project. Although these photos will be dramatic in nature, I feel they will convey a story of hope, strength and life. My photos will also bring awareness to those that may not understand this fight. My goal is to exhibit this project and publish a book of my photos and stories of people that have been affected personally from this terrible disease. I would like this book to create awareness and to give back encouragement to people’s lives. Proceeds from the sale of each book will be going to a specified breast cancer fund.
I am seeking support to help cover the costs of materials and services required to proof, print, and frame the photos. I plan on producing 20 to 30 prints for exhibition. Your support will also go to the production costs of making the book. This will include the printing, binding and packaging.

Breast cancer is more than just pink t-shirts and ribbons, but it is a battle that shouldn’t be fought alone. Everybody has the ability to help change the world, but it’s just a matter of what you can do to help. Through my photos and my book, I hope to add my part to changing the world. If you can donate, I would appreciate it. If you can't, please just share this page if you are willing. If you are a survivor of Breast Cancer or you know someone that is going through it, I want you to remember to “Stay Strong.”
Keith Mathews ~ Timeless Images Photography

Please join us here at Heritage Home~Place for our Fall Breast Cancer Fundraiser
on Saturday, October 13!  Let's make a difference!