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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outdoor Market Fun

Outdoor Market

I am having so much fun making & creating!
My son, Brad, and I have been inspired to paint, build, glue, plant
and then paint some more!  We love taking old items and re-creating
unique treasures to sell!

 Unique Furniture

My son, Brad, is very talented in making unique furniture and home-decor
using antique items and various painting finishes!
I love the little wine cabinet!!!

Crates and Rusty Buckets

I love old crates!  They can be used in so many ways!
My favorite thing to create are 'Rusty Buckets' of flowers!

Wall Decor

I find old barn doors and other items for my son to create beautiful
wall hangings!  He has the carpentry skills to create a fabulous
finished product!

Vintage Camper
 Delicious Refreshments

Our little vintage camper was enjoyed by all who shopped with us!
We will be set up at the Iron Horse Primitives Outdoor Market
once a month sharing our goods & goodies!

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