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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baking Bread

It all starts with the 'Little Red Hen'!

Actually, it's a lot easier these days to mill your own flour
from whole wheat grain!

 I use a NutriMill to mill my grain into flour.

Thankfully I do not have to gather the grain like the 
Little Red Hen!  I order it from a local Bulk Food Store.

 Using a Bosch Universal Mixer to make six loaves
at a time is 'easy peasy'!

I've always been curious about how the Little Red Hen
kneaded her dough....

  Little 'Chick' making her own Apple Cinnamon Bread!

 Little 'Chick' breaking up the dehydrated apples.

 Little 'Chick' adding Cinnamon and Apples!

Roll it Up and Roll it Up Little 'Chick'!

Fresh Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Glaze!

 Bread Bowls!

 Little 'Chick's' Lunch on fresh from the oven bread!

Learn how to bake homemade bread HERE


Friday, September 12, 2014

Apple Pickin'

 Apple Pickin' 
My grand-daughter, Grace, and I had a lovely day picking apples
from a family member's tree.

It wasn't a very big tree, but it was loaded!
Beautiful, Crisp, Red Deliciousness!

I told Grace that she could take home what she picked.
She filled the two smaller baskets.
She was proud of her labor!

Posing Pretty!

Walnut Apple Cake

Click HERE for the delicious recipe!