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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Herbal Basics 1: Review

  Nervine Herbs

Herbal Basics 1:  Nervine Herbs
Ready for our first class/workshop on March 14, 2017.
Early Spring:  Nervine Herbs growing in the garden! 

Here are a few of the ladies who came to the Herbal Basics 1 Class.
We were tasting several herbal nervines that were made into medicinal teas.
As a review, we learned many awesome facts about how to take care of our Nervous System.  We also learned wonderful information about specific herbs that are toning and nourishing to our nervous systemI am always inspired by how 'fearfully and wonderfully' we are made.  Our bodies are amazing!  The world of plants and weeds is also very incredible!
Most of us are not familiar with the world of herbs and how beneficial they are to our body systems. As we continue with our monthly 'Herbal Basics' workshops/classes it will become more clear that the world of weeds/herbs need not be intimidating.  Working with plants and introducing them in beneficial ways to the human body needs to be re-addressed and re-introduced to others.  We have lost this beautiful 'art and science' of herbs in our everyday living.  I want to share my 'love' of herbs with others.  I invite you to join us each month for a hands-on learning experience that will change the way you think about weed/herbs!
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