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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunny Days

Looking forward to Sunny Days here on the 'farmette'! We no longer have our little Shoppe in the city. We loved it and met a lot of wonderful people. We have gained many new friends! We will be working on projects from our home location again.

We've been re-organizing here....lots of extra 'good junk' from our move from the shoppe. Gotta love 'good junk'!

My recent fun project has been revamping my chicken house. I have three little Quail Bantam chickens. One rooster and two hens. One of the little hens is setting on some eggs in the workshop. I'm not sure how long she has been setting. We actually thought a predator had gotten her since we couldn't find her for several days. We are looking forward to the little chicks!

I'm hoping to bring back a couple of more pairs of Bantams from my visit with my parents in Oklahoma. We find the cutest chickens at the Flea Markets there! I love it!

Here is a fun info site:
Bantam Chickens