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Mission Statement
Discover everyday solutions for common health issues through the study and use of
herbs, spices and wholesome foods.

Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living
It is our purpose to lead a healthy lifestyle in every area of who we are:
Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body
Living the abundant life of peace and joy is rewarding.
No, we can not control everything that happens in our life. But, we can 'aim' toward health and wellness in each area. We can take care of basic health issues by using
herbs, spices and proper nutrition! 
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We love to fellowship with old friends and new friends!  

        Be prepared to have fun and to learn more about herbs/spice/wholesome foods and how to implement their amazing healing properties into your everyday life!

“The Herbal Life”

LOCATION:  Dee Harp ~ 7770 NE Jones Rd, Cameron, MO 64429

Contact:  816-288-0498 ~ heritagehomeplace56@gmail.com

“Herbs & Health in the Garden”

 Spring Class/Workshop Series 
March 15 & 29 ~ April 12 & 26 ~ May 10 & 24 
10:00 am – 4 pm
 The natural world is our 'garden'!  Herbs--plants, roots, mushrooms, trees & their fruits--are an integral part of our enjoyment  as well as our health and wellness allies! But, how to implement nature's bounty into our everyday lifestyle and  personal health plan can be overwhelming.

Early spring is a great time to learn about the 'wild weeds' and their health benefits. Join me here at Heritage Home~Place for our spring "Herbs & Health in the Garden" series. We will explore wild weeds and how to identify them, learn about their health benefits and  how to make simple preparations with them. We will also learn about the herbs that are cultivated in my gardens here on the farm.  Believe it or not, our 'culinary' herbs are full of health benefits as well!
As always, we will share hand-outs, tastings and free goodies!
  These sessions are Free but donations are appreciated (but not expected). 

Our little Country Shoppe will also be open during these scheduled
  "Herbs & Health in the Garden" dates.
We invite you to come and go at your leisure.
  There is no 'set time' for the day's learning activities. 
 Learning is active throughout the day!

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These discussion group pages are designed to introduce 
various areas of wellness and fun!  

Special Note:

 We love sharing information about incorporating herbs, spices and whole foods into our daily health plan!  We believe that when we simply exchange ‘old un-healthy’ habits with ‘new healthy’ habits a big difference will be seen in our overall health and well-being.  We also believe that there is NO Magic Bullet.  Your health plan is a personal experience.  Your body’s needs and personal constitution are different from anyone else.  What works for someone else may not work for you.  So, let’s be wary of the ‘one size fits all’ syndrome and get to know your body and how it responds to different health/wellness factors.  Let’s be empowered to find our own solutions to our specific health/wellness needs.

Online information and our classes are for educational purposes only. We do not make claims that herbs, spices and whole foods will 'heal' all of our various health concerns. Our purpose is to introduce the various nutritional/healthy benefits of herbs, spices and whole foods. We urge you to seek medical attention from a health care professional for any health care concerns. 





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