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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honey Whole Wheat Bread....mmmm...Delicious!

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

From Heritage Home~Place

What makes our Honey Whole Wheat Bread Sooo Delicious?
Well, for starters we mill the flour from chemical-free whole wheat berries.
I always, like to tease that we use a stone and grind away.
But, of course that's just a funny ha-ha.
We use a Nutrimill that is incredible for the job of milling our flour right 
before we make the dough.
We also use local, unprocessed honey in our recipe.
In fact, all of our ingredients are fresh!  Which is a great start for 
a wonderfully fresh baked loaf of bread.
We get all of our bread baking ingredients at a local market called:

Another awesome piece of equipment that I love is my
Bosch Mixer.  The Bosch will knead about six loaves of bread dough at a time!
It was almost impossible for me to knead that amount of dough by hand.
Now, at the press of a button, I get beautiful, soft dough ready for the oven 
in less than 30 minutes!   By the way, you can own a Nutrimill 
and a Bosch Mixer!
My friends at Sweet Sisters Bakery (mentioned above) will be happy
to order yours for you!  It is an awesome kitchen appliance!
I bought a new one last year and gave my old Bosch Mixer to my oldest son.
Yes, even he learned how to make bread!

Our Honey Whole Wheat Bread and Varieties can be purchased in my

Bread Orders are Welcomed!