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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Herbal Life: Herbal Basics 1

Herbal Basics 1

I am excited to introduce the forming of classes/workshops here at 
Heritage Home~Place!
"The Herbal Life" classes/workshops are hands-on, educational and fun!

There are three different 'series' of classes/workshops to participate in.
Herbal Basics
Pamper Yourself ~ Naturally
Children and Herbs
 Click HERE to learn more about each series.

The first class/workshop scheduled is:
Herbal Basics 1
Tuesday, March 14 at 6pm
Fee:  $15

The topics of Herbal Basics 1 will include discussing how to grow/buy good quality herbs and how to store them for a longer shelf life.  We will learn how to make nervine herbal preparations that specifically nourish and strengthen the Nervous System.  The herbal preparations that we will be learning how to make are medicinal teas prepared by the infusion and decoction methods.  Of course this is a very simple outline.  There will be other various topics of learning in this first class that you won't want to miss.

As always, we love to give 'welcome gifts' when you attend our classes/workshops!  So be prepared to take home samples of some of the evening's preparations that we are making! 
We will also have a drawing or two for extra fun!
Oh, and of course the 'hand-outs' of the class discussion will be invaluable to add to your notebook of herbal study!

As we go through this year's Herbal Basics series, I will be adding educational pages to 
The Herbal Life page of the topics that we learn about each month.

We have an event page on Facebook:  The Herbal Life Workshop
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Click HERE for an introductory video about the Herbal Basics 1 class/workshop. 

I am super excited about this Herbal Basics series!  Join us each month for fun, educational hands-on learning about herbs!