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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to the Garden!

 Digging in the dirt is definitely my passion!
I love planting gardens. 
Herbs and flowers are my love!

Garden Shed 
My garden shed is a fun place for me to 'play'.  
I have it decorated with vintage/antique items.
All just for my fun.
I store my work tools in the cabinets for easy access.
Nama's side of the garden shed.
Grand-kids' side of the garden shed.
The grand-kids have so much fun playing with the toys and dress-up items stored in the garden shed.  

Rusty Relic Love
I really love the rusties!  Give me something rusty 
and I will hang it up somewhere!
I Do Believe in Fairies...

 I Really Do...
Honest...I Do....

Vintage Camper and Flowers
I really love my vintage camper!  
This summer I am using it as a 'learning center'
with the grand-daughters.
We are learning about herbs, flowers and nature!
Grand-daughters learning about Chamomile.

Water Garden
 There is nothing like the tranquil sound 
of running water.  The water garden 
is a lovely enjoyment in my garden.
We gained a giant bullfrog in the water garden!
We even had a salamander in the water garden.
Sadly, the giant bullfrog ate him!!!
 Good Morning Color!

Loving the white picket fence with Clematis!
Brilliant Lillies!
All of the Irises in the garden are from
my mother-in-law's collections.
These are beauties!
More Color!!!
I could go on and on and on about my
love for flowers....
And I haven't even started talking about my
passion for culinary and medicinal herbs!
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