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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Cleaning

The weather is finally making the change to warmer days here in N.W. Missouri.
We have been getting some much needed rain this week after a very dry winter.
It is awesome to see the many emerging plants in my garden and in the wild!
It is wonderful to finally get out into the gardens and till, plant, weed and 
just plain 'dig in the dirt'!
So many wonderful wild and cultivated herbs are re-emerging that are great for
'spring cleaning' the body system.
We are all familiar with the term 'spring cleaning'.  We generally are thinking about deep cleaning the house when we say that term.  It is nice to open windows and let in the fresh air as we do the task of deep cleaning the house as well as clearing out the extra 'clutter' that we no longer want or need. 
Detoxifying our body systems is also a very 'refreshing' and 'healthy' thing to do.  And early spring time is a great time to start that process.  There are so many early 'greens' growing and popping up that are great for the task of detoxification.  A detox usually involves eating lighter meals by choosing foods, herbs and fluids that are known for great nutrition and cleansing properties.  
Here is a great article by Maria Noel Groves about "Spring Detox".

Here are a few early herbs in my yard!

  My all time favorite herb!
Just one cup of super infused tea gives about 500 mg of highly bio-available calcium!  Also high in magnesium, potassium and silica.  It helps to alkalize the body as well.  Nettles are a great source of chlorophyll.  A super nutritious 'weed'!
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Nutritious! Leaf, root and flower are all used.  High in iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals!
A great diuretic.  Most diuretics generally eliminate potassium but dandelion is super rich in potassium.  A great digestion aid.  Dandelion is a great detoxifying herb for the liver and kidneys.
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    Can be eaten with your salad!  Mostly used for external remedies for cuts, scrapes, wounds.  Especially those itchy, irritated rashes that comes with eczema or psoriasis.
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Yes, I'm talking about the plant with the 'burrs'!  An all round great herb!
Burdock root is a good detox support for the Liver.  It is nutritious.  It really helps with skin conditions as well as digestive issues.
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Not only pretty but potent as a remedy for cough, especially for bronchitis and upper respiratory catarrh.  It too helps with skin conditions such as eczema.
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The use of Yellow Dock Root as a liver detox that promotes the flow of bile.
It too is a great remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis.
I grow a lot of this lovely flower...known to most people as Coneflower.
All parts of this plant can be harvested.
It is especially useful for infections of the upper respiratory track, tonsillitis, the common cold and other catarrhal conditions of the nose and sinus.
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ALL of these (and more) early spring 'greens' are great to use for 
toning, nourishing and 'spring cleaning' of the body!

Herbs With Rosalee has some great information about common herbs. 
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