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Saturday, March 17, 2018

March Class: "Herbs and Health in the Kitchen"

We love to learn with others!
Our monthly classes are fun, hands-on learning experiences!
The March class:  "Herbs and Health in the Kitchen"
was so much fun!  We met so many new-comers and of course re-connected with our regular attenders.

This year's Spring Series of classes,
"Herbs and Health in the Kitchen"
will be all about herbs, spices and whole foods.

The March Class focused on 
Spring Cleaning!
We specifically talked about 'Bitters' and
the Liver and Digestive System.

Class Hand-Outs
Thirty pages of awesome information about ways
to Spring Clean our body!

Herbal Preparations
It's all about the 'taste' when we learn about
herbs and their health benefits!
We demonstrated how to make specific herbal bitters.

A few products for sale

A Meal Together
We always begin each class with a meal.
It is a great way to connect with each other.

"Pamper Yourself ~ Naturally"
Leah Harp
Leah talked about 'Happy Feet'!
The Feet Care products that she makes by using
pure essential oils and all natural ingredients
are a lovely!  

Meal Plan - Meal Prep
Rebekah Harp
Rebekah shared her tips on how to plan and prepare
delicious and healthy meals for your family
without breaking the bank!
You can follow her meal plans and recipes on 
Instagram:  Rebekah_Harp

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Have you ever wondered how to implement culinary/medicinal herbs into your everyday lifestyle? And how about wholesome/healthy eating? What does that even mean??? How do we know what is and isn’t ‘healthy’ for each of us as individuals? And really, how do we even begin a personalized healthy lifestyle way of living???? Do we even have the time?!
We invite you to join us as we ‘explore’ and ‘search out’ the answers to these and other questions that we all have about our health and well-being.
What better place is there to begin this self-empowering journey? We believe that the Kitchen is the central place of gathering in any home. So, we believe that the best place to start a personal, healthy lifestyle journey is in the kitchen!
The “Herbs & Health in the Kitchen” series are FREE. We will provide informative hand-outs for you to take home. You will experience fun, educational hands-on learning activities at each meeting. We always begin the meeting with food. So, we invite you to bring a prepared dish to share with the group. This is a great way to get to know each other as we partake in a meal together.

Childcare is not provided.

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