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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Class "Herbs and Health in the Kitchen"

We love gathering with others to learn about simple ways to 
live a healthier life.
Our April class was so much fun!
The focus for this class was nourishing and strengthening our
bodies through nutrition via herbs, spices and whole foods.
We had some lively conversations about 'chicken feet'!
You would have had to be there!  :-)

Classroom Setting
We usually meet at the home place.  But, due to renovation in our home, 
we utilized a lovely room in the Old School in Cameron, MO.

Daughter, Leah
I love it when my daughters are able to help me at each class!

Herbal Tasters
Tasting the different herbal preparations is a great way to
introduce the medicinal properties.
When you taste a 'bitter' herbal preparation, you will
always think about your digestive system and the
benefits that 'bitters' role in digestive health.

Nutritive Tea Blend
This blend is made with lovely herbs that support and nourish
our body systems in a gentle way.

Vitamin Tea Blend
This tea blend is also a gentle blend full 
of minerals and vitamins!

Using the Vitamin Tea Blend, you can make
a lovely Vitamin Syrup.

Other ingredients such as honey, black cherry concentrate
and brandy (optional) are added for extra nutrition and

Vita-a-min Syrup 
is full of nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Jackie Wallace owner of Rainy Daze Naturals
shared a lovely presentation about soap making.

We appreciate all of those who attended this past class.
We invite you to join us for the final Spring Class:
Tuesday, May 8 at 6pm
Location: The Old School 116 W. 4th Street, Cameron, MO
"Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living"
Click HERE to sign up for this class.

The Herbal Life:  Summer Series
"Herbs and Health in the Garden"

This year's Summer Classes are scheduled for:

Tuesday, June 12 at 6pm:
Tuesday, July 10 at 6pm:
Tuesday, August 14 at 6pm:

LOCATION:  Dee Harp ~ 7770 NE Jones Rd, Cameron, MO 64429

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