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Keeping it 'Real'
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Healthy Lifestyle ~ Abundant Living

Living a lifestyle that strengthens the foundations of: 

Family ~ Community ~ Integral Health and Wellness  Biblical Principles ~ Relationships

The lifestyle that we choose to live affects every area of who we are.  Spirit, Soul & Body.  Our lifestyle choices not only affect us, but those around us as well.  We absolutely love life on every level!  We appreciate the relationships that we are a part of.  It’s all about relationship.  We love the relationships that we share with family, friends & community.  We are guided by the relationship that we have with our heavenly Father and His principles as found in His Word.  And we aim for a healthy lifestyle that strengthens our health and wellness.  So, when we strive to live in a healthy lifestyle relationship with each these areas of life, then we are enjoying an abundance of living! 

Our purpose as a family and as a business has always been to ‘keep it real’. Keeping it real is living life on purpose.  That is a challenge in the world of hustle and bustle.  Keeping up with all of the things that pull us this way and that is a pretty hectic lifestyle for most of us.  Not to mention the unexpected ‘curve balls’ that smack us in the gut!  

So, how do we manage to just ‘slow down’ a bit and enjoy the journey?  We all use the cliché ‘slow down’ and ‘stop and smell the roses’.  Sometimes even that is not truly possible!  So, what’s the answer to living a simpler more meaningful lifestyle?  I believe by being ‘mindful’ when the moments present themselves is one way. No, it’s not the ‘magic bullet’ or the ‘key to unlock the secrets of life’, but it is one conscious effort on our part to embrace the moments of life that bring us fulfillment.  Yes, of course we need to make plans, on purpose, to aim toward goals of special times spent with family and friends.  That is necessary to break the mold of being in a ‘rut’ and to re-kindle love, peace and joy in our relationships.  But, if we are not ‘mindful’ to live each moment on purpose then we will miss some really awesome experiences!

We are thankful and so very grateful to share in the experience of ‘keeping it real’ with our family, friends and others.  There is no perfect family, lifestyle, person, situation etc…just day to day moments of living life on purpose!  

Hank & Dee Harp
2 Corinthians 1:12 “That we conduct ourselves in the world in ‘simplicity’ and godly ‘sincerity’ not with fleshly wisdom but by the grace of God.”

As a business, Heritage Home~Place follows the same ‘keeping it real’ belief.  We truly believe in offering not only quality ‘real people ~ real products’ for you and your family, but quality experiences with our workshops/classes and ‘farmette’ life.  

What do we mean by ‘real people ~ real products’?  Well, it is very important to us to support the efforts of real people by offering their hand-crafted and quality products to sell in our little country shoppe.  Yes, we do sell food products from real business companies too.  But, again, we are mindful of their retail, quality and buying practices.  It is important to know ‘where is the food grown/made’ and by ‘whom’.  We are confident in the companies that we make purchases from to sell to our customers.  

The workshops/classes that we offer are all about health and wellness for the spirit, soul and body.  In the kitchen, in the garden and on the ‘farm’.  We love gathering with our family, friends and others to learn together about living a lifestyle of health and wellness!  There is no ‘one way to do it’ when it comes to each of our individual health plans.  We enjoy learning the many various health tips that could be added to our daily healthy lifestyle of living.  These workshops/classes are unique, fun filled, hands-on learning, experiences for all, no matter where our healthy habits are!

The ‘farmette’ is just that…a tiny farm.  Some people call it homesteading, the simple life, or micro-farming.  We just call it fun!  We brought up our six children with the responsibilities of farm animals and gardens.  We can ‘see’ the values that they learned as children working in their lives today as adults because of the farm life experience.  We no longer have children at home, but still enjoy the gardens and farm animals.  We now enjoy sharing these farmette experiences with our grandchildren.  We also enjoy sharing our farm life with our friends and customers that come out to visit.   The gardens consist of herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits. 

The gardens bring such delight to all that visit.  The colors, smells, sounds and wildlife in the gardens are peaceful, joyful and relaxing!   So, our business offerings to our customers are more than just ‘retail’ products.  We are offering a place to experience a ‘special moment’ in your life.  

Keeping it Real
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