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Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Thoughts for the New Year

Special Thoughts
For the New Year!
I have many people that I admire and learn from. One special person is the late Dr. Bernard Jensen. Dr. Jensen spent over 60 years as a pioneer in the holistic health field, helping to pave the way for the alternative health revolution that we are now experiencing. Following the path of the great nature cure practitioners, Dr. Jensen operated his own health sanitariums in Altadena and Escondido California for over 40 years.
People in search of health and rejuvenation came from all over the world to his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, to learn the principles he believed in and taught.
Throughout his career, Dr. Jensen wrote and published over 40 books.
After working with over 350,000 patients, Dr. Jensen firmly believed that nutrition is the greatest single therapy to be applied in the holistic healing arts and that “We must treat the patient, not just the disease.” http://www.bernardjensen.com/bernard.php
I have read many of Dr. Jensen’s books and learned many valuable truths. One such book is called, “The Healing Mind of Man: Arise and Shine!”
I would like to share some of his thoughts throughout this wonderful book.
New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them: Lose weight, stop smoking, live healthier, save more, spend more time with family/friends….on and on. We are always asking ourselves, “What can I do or stop doing to create a better life? A simpler life? A richer life…not just monetary wealth, but truly a fulfilled life.”
Dr. Jensen’s book talks about attitude, mental health, spiritual health, emotional health. As I read through his book, “The Healing Mind of Man: Arise and Shine!” I am learning a basic truth about our ‘thinking’. Thinking plays a huge role in our attitude and life performance.
The Body Responds to Mind and Spirit
“It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing..” Christ shared this insight with his disciples, for He knew that the body responds to the mental attitude. The helping hand is gracious because of the motive behind it. A smile is the end result of what has gone on behind the scenes. In fact, every physical activity has its birth in feeling and attitude, in that subtle quickening spirit that flows through our neural systems before we can so much as lift a finger. The world of feeling is created and expressed in our attitudes; it is rooted within our deepest self.’ B. Jensen
Truth, Wisdom and Health Walk Hand in Hand
‘By nourishing our mental philosophy with the right thoughts and attitudes, we nurture our bodies and reap the harvest of good health.’ B. Jensen
I believe that nourishing our mental philosophy with the right thoughts and attitudes will also lead to peace and wellbeing in our everyday living. We truly live as we think. Either negatively or positively.
A New Day
This is the beginning of a new day (year) God has given me this day to use as I will
I can waste it or use it for good.
What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day in my life for it.
When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place.
I have traded for it: I want it to be gain, not loss; good…not evil;
Success…not failure.
May I not forget the price I paid for it.

Philippians 4:8
Let’s be encouraged to start out this new year of 2010 with thoughts of:
Truth, Nobleness, Justness, Purity, Love, Good Report, Virtue, Praise
Thinking on these things will guide us to living at a higher level of life.
Happy New Year

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