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Friday, February 5, 2010

Grandpa's Tractor

Grandpa's tractor rests for the winter. Actually, it has been 'resting' for many years. It was brought on the homeplace over 30 years ago. It is a reminder of days gone by and of the hard work that went into making this 35 acres a lovely piece of property. When the Harps bought this property it was buckbrush and timber. They built a cabin and started the task of clearing the land. They lived in Kansas City through the week and stayed in the Cabin on week-ends.

The tractor is a reminder of Grandpa Harp. He is also 'at rest' now. I plant holly-hocks by the tractor for Grandpa each year. He loved holly-hocks. Mine has never grown as tall as his...yet.
Grandpa Harp loved to write poetry. Here is a special poem from him.

Be Thankful for What You Have
There was Mom and Dad and seven kids,
A family of mine.
We ate a lot of potatoes cooked with onions,
When we didn't have a dime.
Lord, You said You would never leave or forsake us.
And I know this is true.
Because we had potatoes cooked with onions,
When we gave our Thanks to You.
I think my fondest memories
Are around the table, here at home.
When you dine in Katie's kitchen,
You never eat alone.
She cooks a pot of pinto beans
And home made light rolls, too.
And fried potatoes with an onion,
Especially for you.
The kids don't come around much any more.
They have families of their own.
And we are looking forward to the Kingdom,
Our new and permanent home.
Sometimes I can see a gigantic table
And a large white throne.
It looks like a wedding feast,
And God's children are coming home.
I see my place at the table, Lord.
I know it is prepared by You.
Because there's potatoes cooked with onions,
Marked especially for You.
By Kenneth Harp
November 16, 1933 - February 5, 2000

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