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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Summer

I'm not going to lie....it's a hot summer and I'm crankin' about it!
I went all out and extended my gardens, started my plants from seed, tilled, pulled weeds and pulled more weeds and water, water, water.  Determined to not lose everything!  My poor goats have no more forage in the fields. They are also expertly escaping from their enclosures trying to find some green to eat....aka, my garden.  I'm haying them already with alfalfa that took a hard hit as well....for which I'm paying more for btw.  The raccoon population is at an all time high and they are hungry too.  We lock up the barn tighter than Fort Knox to keep them out, but they find a way in....pilfering through animal feed.  We won't talk about the snakes that are looking for a cool place to lay around.  
Grumble, Grumble, Grumble...

But...There is a Flip Side!

There is an 'oasis' in a dry land!

 Sunflowers are Blooming!

The Mammoth Sunflowers are HUGE!

My beloved Zinnias are Popping!

The Herbs are Fragrant

The Oasis

So, in spite of the drought this year, I am very grateful for my 
Oasis here on the farm!
The tomatoes are producing awesomely!  The Bell and Hot Peppers are as well.  My onions are the biggest I've ever grown!  We had more Zucchini and Yellow Squash than we could eat!  The potatoes are absolutely delicious!  Kale out the wazoo...which was great extra green for my goats!  Green beans did poorly, but, the plants also fed my goats.  
And of course, my well loved flowers are beautiful and drawing in the 
humming birds and butterflies galore!
So, I'm just 'kickin back' with a cold drink enjoying the view!

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