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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rufus Rooster

Meet Rufus Rooster!

Good Morning he crows!  That is what I hear each morning on the front patio!  He is waiting for his raw sunflower seeds.  And believe me, he will not stop crowing until he gets them!  

Rufus is a bantam chicken.  But, don't let his small size fool you!  He's a tough bird!  He had two 'girls' that have come up missing recently.  We figure a fox or raccoon found them while they were sitting on their clutch of eggs.  Rufus is old and has two crippled feet from winter frost-bite and other mishaps.  But, he hops around the farm just as proud as can be.  He is actually helpful to me in the garden.  It is quite a 'bug feast' for him!

My hubby read in Grit Magazine that chickens are very smart.  The article told about a Tic-Tac-Toe playing chicken that rarely lost!  Now if only Rufus could grow his own sunflower seeds....that would be great!

Grit Magazine Article

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