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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer here at Heritage Home~Place has been a bit of a challenge this year.  We had a dry winter and now a hot, dry summer.  I have had to water most days to keep the gardens up.  All in all though the gardens are lovely and producing vegetables, herbs and flowers.
 Bird Center
I added an old sink to our Herb Garden that is used for a Bird Bath and Feeder.  I love quaint!
 Rusty Relics
I adore rusty relics!  You will find lots of this stuff!
 Antique Cookstove
This cookstove has a story!  It has been in the family for years.  It is broken in places, but still has a special place here on the farm!
Squash Anyone?
Yellow Squash, Zuccs & Butternut Squash Galore!
   Zinnias Everywhere!
I absolutely love Zinnias!  They are around every part of my gardens!
 Tomatoes and Peppers!
Salsa anyone?  Hubby is the Salsa King around here!  I grow the tomatoes & peppers and he makes the Salsa!!!
  Sunflowers & Zinnias of course!
The gardens are a bird, butterfly & bee haven!  And of course my goats get in on the abundance when the sunflowers dry with their delicious seeds!
Meet my little herd of Dairy Goats!  Tessa, Tilly, Tipper and buckling, Michael Charlie!
Farm visits are welcome here at Heritage Home~Place Farm.  
We also have Workshops/Classes/Group Gatherings/Events here on the farm.  Visit our website:  Heritage Home~Place for more information on how you can enjoy our 
simple life here on the farm! 

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