Heritage Home~Place

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friends Gather Here

Welcome to Heritage Home~Place

We absolutely love gathering with friends and family here at Heritage Home~Place farm!  
We create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to all who attend our 
Workshops/Classes, Group Gatherings, and  Events.

Each area of the farm has you in mind!  
Gardens and Setties are for your pleasure and enjoyment!
We believe that a tranquil atmosphere is so needed in today's fast paced society.
It is for you that we give you space to just 'breath'.

We invite you to make plans to visit us here on the farm!
Join us for our scheduled Workshop/Classes.
Plan a Group Gathering with your friends.
Join in on the fun during our special Events!
Our Country Shoppe is Open during these special gatherings!

Visit our Website!
Join our online mailing list to keep up to date on scheduled gatherings!
Contact us to schedule your special Group Gathering!

Rufus Rooster

Meet Rufus Rooster!

Good Morning he crows!  That is what I hear each morning on the front patio!  He is waiting for his raw sunflower seeds.  And believe me, he will not stop crowing until he gets them!  

Rufus is a bantam chicken.  But, don't let his small size fool you!  He's a tough bird!  He had two 'girls' that have come up missing recently.  We figure a fox or raccoon found them while they were sitting on their clutch of eggs.  Rufus is old and has two crippled feet from winter frost-bite and other mishaps.  But, he hops around the farm just as proud as can be.  He is actually helpful to me in the garden.  It is quite a 'bug feast' for him!

My hubby read in Grit Magazine that chickens are very smart.  The article told about a Tic-Tac-Toe playing chicken that rarely lost!  Now if only Rufus could grow his own sunflower seeds....that would be great!

Grit Magazine Article