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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New/Old Camper

1954 Clipper Silverstreak

My parents have had this camper for 10 years.
When they bought it ten years ago is had been sitting
in a field.  The interior was in bad shape. The floor was
rotted out.  It had bullet holes in it as well.
They brought it home and started the renovation
process.  After many months of work this beauty
was ready to hit the road!
And hit the road they did!  
Through mountains, deserts, prairies....
Oh the memories!

This year they bought a newer camper and will continue
their travels across the highways and byways.
They will miss their Clipper.

Hubby and I are now the new owners of this beauty!
We look forward to continuing the memory making.
It is a special treasure to me to own this camper
knowing that my parents loved and enjoyed it so much.


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