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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mod Podge Christmas Decor!

As I'm getting ready for our 
Holiday Cookie Exchange Party
here at Heritage Home~Place
I am decorating every indoor and outdoor area possible.
As I add a silver tree to my 1954 Clipper Silver Streak Camper
I realize that I don't have the right color of bulbs.
Hmmm...do I search online for the right teal color or do I create them myself?
Of course, my first place to look for diy projects is Pinterest.
And I found the perfect solution!
Make them myself!
Debbiedoos had the answer for me!
So, with Mod Podge and Rit Dye I started the process
of creating my own color for the bulbs on my tree!

 Since I'm already a fan of Mod Podge, it was easy to follow
Debbie's directions!  I bought some really cheap
small silver bulbs from the Dollar General and started the process.
I first mixed some Aqua Marine Rit Dye in the Mod Podge.
Then I painted the bulbs.  I sprinkled on some silver glass glitter
and hung to dry.  Inspired by the color, I then created
some Christmas gifts using wine glasses and clear glass bulbs I used the same
process and was thrilled with the finished products!
I can even use the Mod Podge/Rit Dye on white burlap
to make really unique tags!
I'm hooked on Mod Podge more than ever!

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  1. Oh my gosh, wonderful, they are just beautiful! Sharing on my fb page too.

    1. Debbie, thank you for sharing on your FB page. I really love your website and your diy posts! I'm modpodging with rit dye on everything because of your inspiration!