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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hangin' Out With Friends!

One of our most favorite things to do here on the farm is to hang out with friends!
We had an awesome day yesterday with friends during the  
Route 36 Hwy Shop~Hop Photo Shoot! 
Keith Mathews of Timeless Images Photography did an over-the-top job of catching unique pictures of the businesses!
It was our goal to introduce the real people behind each business.  Keith did just that!  Each creative setting shows each business owner as a person that you want to meet and get to know!

We featured Gypsy Chic's clothing line in each photo.  
Friends, family and business owners were our models!

 Kim Kitsmiller of Country Cabin Bake Shop was not only a participating business owner but a model and a supplier of the absolutely delicious desserts!

Arlene Turner of New Beginnings
participated as a business owner and a model and shared the sweet aroma of her melters in the 'Glamping Camper' photos!

And of course 'hubby' Hank supplied the delicious meal of homemade meatball sub sandwiches!

At one point of the day I am sure our neighbors thought we were having a wedding!  
There were so many beautiful wedding dresses flowing! 

The involvement of each person involved made the day a huge success on so many levels!
Businesses bonded and new friends were made.  

You can view a few of the photos at Timeless Images Photography!

Heritage Home~Place

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Summer

I'm not going to lie....it's a hot summer and I'm crankin' about it!
I went all out and extended my gardens, started my plants from seed, tilled, pulled weeds and pulled more weeds and water, water, water.  Determined to not lose everything!  My poor goats have no more forage in the fields. They are also expertly escaping from their enclosures trying to find some green to eat....aka, my garden.  I'm haying them already with alfalfa that took a hard hit as well....for which I'm paying more for btw.  The raccoon population is at an all time high and they are hungry too.  We lock up the barn tighter than Fort Knox to keep them out, but they find a way in....pilfering through animal feed.  We won't talk about the snakes that are looking for a cool place to lay around.  
Grumble, Grumble, Grumble...

But...There is a Flip Side!

There is an 'oasis' in a dry land!

 Sunflowers are Blooming!

The Mammoth Sunflowers are HUGE!

My beloved Zinnias are Popping!

The Herbs are Fragrant

The Oasis

So, in spite of the drought this year, I am very grateful for my 
Oasis here on the farm!
The tomatoes are producing awesomely!  The Bell and Hot Peppers are as well.  My onions are the biggest I've ever grown!  We had more Zucchini and Yellow Squash than we could eat!  The potatoes are absolutely delicious!  Kale out the wazoo...which was great extra green for my goats!  Green beans did poorly, but, the plants also fed my goats.  
And of course, my well loved flowers are beautiful and drawing in the 
humming birds and butterflies galore!
So, I'm just 'kickin back' with a cold drink enjoying the view!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Rocky Creek Valley Farm

Rocky Creek Valley Farm

We love our farm friends!  Elizabeth Wenig has a lovely farm in Rayville, Mo.  Our ladies group will be visiting her farm this month!  We are looking forward to visiting all of Elizabeth's animals and gardens!  Read her latest BLOG!
You can visit Rocky Creek Valley Farm's Website HERE!

June Baby!
This is a sweet picture of June when she was a baby.  She now lives at Rocky Creek Valley Farm!  We know that she is loving her new home!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farmer's Market Daytrip

 Farmer's Market

Hubby and I had a great daytrip to the city over the week-end.  
We love Farmer's Markets, so we went to three of them!

Farmer's Markets are festive!  My personal favorite of the day was the Merriam, KS Market.  They had a live Band playing!  The music gave the Market an awesome atmosphere!  
Another thing that I really enjoy about Farmer's Markets are not only the fresh fruit and vegetables but the many unique handcrafted products.  Specialty Soaps & Lotions, Jewelry, Crafts & Gifts.


 I always love coming home with my 'treasures' from a day trip with hubby!

I was really impressed with the presentation of the Amathia Soapworks booth at the Merriam Farmer's Market.  Her soaps were beautifully packaged! 
 I did get a Lip Love Moisturizer that is very nice!

Hank came home with some really cool Gourmet Sea Salt from Kalico Roc.    

 Hubby's favorite part of the day was the delicious meal that we had at Oklahoma Joe's!  
Well, I have to admit, it was absolutely delicious!  
We had so much food that we had to have a carryout for the leftovers! 

We also hit a couple of Shops and rummaged through some great goodies!
We really loved The Ridge Antique Mall!  I can never come out of an antique shop without something!  

One thing that does surprise me though at farmer's markets.  Not all vendors carry business cards or information about who they are.  Since I love promoting businesses, I always ask for a card or flyer.  I got very few in spite of how many vendors were at each market.  But, here is a small list of who we visited with and what they have:


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friends Gather Here

Welcome to Heritage Home~Place

We absolutely love gathering with friends and family here at Heritage Home~Place farm!  
We create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to all who attend our 
Workshops/Classes, Group Gatherings, and  Events.

Each area of the farm has you in mind!  
Gardens and Setties are for your pleasure and enjoyment!
We believe that a tranquil atmosphere is so needed in today's fast paced society.
It is for you that we give you space to just 'breath'.

We invite you to make plans to visit us here on the farm!
Join us for our scheduled Workshop/Classes.
Plan a Group Gathering with your friends.
Join in on the fun during our special Events!
Our Country Shoppe is Open during these special gatherings!

Visit our Website!
Join our online mailing list to keep up to date on scheduled gatherings!
Contact us to schedule your special Group Gathering!

Rufus Rooster

Meet Rufus Rooster!

Good Morning he crows!  That is what I hear each morning on the front patio!  He is waiting for his raw sunflower seeds.  And believe me, he will not stop crowing until he gets them!  

Rufus is a bantam chicken.  But, don't let his small size fool you!  He's a tough bird!  He had two 'girls' that have come up missing recently.  We figure a fox or raccoon found them while they were sitting on their clutch of eggs.  Rufus is old and has two crippled feet from winter frost-bite and other mishaps.  But, he hops around the farm just as proud as can be.  He is actually helpful to me in the garden.  It is quite a 'bug feast' for him!

My hubby read in Grit Magazine that chickens are very smart.  The article told about a Tic-Tac-Toe playing chicken that rarely lost!  Now if only Rufus could grow his own sunflower seeds....that would be great!

Grit Magazine Article

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farmer Boys

Farmer Boys Caleb & Ian

Grandchildren and summer go together like 'peas & carrots' here on the farm!  Our two grandsons, Caleb & Ian, are great helpers with the harvesting of veges from the garden!  Two active boys need distractions and involvement to keep them busy.  Making work 'fun' takes some doing.  But the time spent together is priceless and the memories are forever!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer here at Heritage Home~Place has been a bit of a challenge this year.  We had a dry winter and now a hot, dry summer.  I have had to water most days to keep the gardens up.  All in all though the gardens are lovely and producing vegetables, herbs and flowers.
 Bird Center
I added an old sink to our Herb Garden that is used for a Bird Bath and Feeder.  I love quaint!
 Rusty Relics
I adore rusty relics!  You will find lots of this stuff!
 Antique Cookstove
This cookstove has a story!  It has been in the family for years.  It is broken in places, but still has a special place here on the farm!
Squash Anyone?
Yellow Squash, Zuccs & Butternut Squash Galore!
   Zinnias Everywhere!
I absolutely love Zinnias!  They are around every part of my gardens!
 Tomatoes and Peppers!
Salsa anyone?  Hubby is the Salsa King around here!  I grow the tomatoes & peppers and he makes the Salsa!!!
  Sunflowers & Zinnias of course!
The gardens are a bird, butterfly & bee haven!  And of course my goats get in on the abundance when the sunflowers dry with their delicious seeds!
Meet my little herd of Dairy Goats!  Tessa, Tilly, Tipper and buckling, Michael Charlie!
Farm visits are welcome here at Heritage Home~Place Farm.  
We also have Workshops/Classes/Group Gatherings/Events here on the farm.  Visit our website:  Heritage Home~Place for more information on how you can enjoy our 
simple life here on the farm!