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Friday, December 13, 2013

Passion equals Purpose

I have always been a 'passionate' person.
I'm passionate about 'every day life'.
Each day brings new 'treasures' to be enjoyed!
 'Making Memories' is our family motto.
And we certainly make the memories around here!

My most prized 'treasure' in life is my family.
 There are so many words to describe this 'crew'!
Funny, creative, loving, rowdy, unique.
Visit our About Us page to meet them.

 The 'Love' of my life.
 This is a pic of 'hubby' taken when we were camping.
He is doing his favorite thing: Cooking!
He is the best cook and baker there is.  No kidding.
I cook out of 'necessity'.  He cooks with passion!
You can visit  our Mom's Country Kitchen page
to see the kind of 'food-prep' I enjoy doing.
Heritage Home~Place Shoppe
We absolutely love our booth space in a local business called
the Iron Horse Primitives.
There are over 20 vendors called the Country Cottage Chics
that sell their treasures!  We love being a part of this group of
creative people.  Visit our Heritage Home~Place Shoppe page.
We will open an online Etsy shop in January 2014!

 We host a monthly gathering of like-minded women who are eager
to learn about health and wellness issues.  We have been gathering
since 2005.  It has been a fun and rewarding few years.
Visit our Health and Wellness page.  If you live locally,
we invite you to join us!

I'm a true 'Junker' at Heart!
If it's rusty, banged-up, chipped...I love it!
I am passionate about taking old (good) junk and re-creating
a piece of art for indoor and outdoor decor.
Today's junk is a memory of someone's treasure from the past.
In my way of thinking it should 'live on' making new memories!

Passionately Pink!
This is my daughter, Rebekah.  She got this tattoo in honor of her
grand-mother (my mother) who has been 'Fighting Like a Girl'
for almost three years.  We are passionately pink for the cause.
We have dedicated 100% our business to the cause of raising funds to 'gift'
women who are going through breast cancer treatment.
Read our Passionately Pink page to see how you can be a part 
of this passion.

The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion.

As you can see, I am a woman of many passions!  
These few are truly the tip of the iceberg.    
Other Passions include:
Vintage Campers ~ Dairy Goats ~ Gardening ~ Dancing
Karaoke ~ Wineries ~ Playing the Drums (trying)
Boxer Dogs ~ Chickens ~ Reading ~ Tear Jerking Movies

Living Out Loud!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Passionately Pink Party

Our Holiday Cookie Exchange Party and Fundraiser
was a huge success!
Guests bought tickets to get their name in the 
Gift Basket Drawings.
Several businesses donated gift items for the drawings.
The money will go into our Breast Cancer Fund to be
used for buying Gift Certificates from local businesses.
The Gift Certificates are 'gifted' to local women that are
going through breast cancer treatment.

 Mmmm...the Hot Chocolate Bar!

 Googling for answers to Christmas Trivia questions?!
Is that allowed?
 Whatever it takes to win, right?
Gotta love Google!

 Stickers, Stickers everywhere!
How many stickers can you collect at a Cookie Party!

 Beautiful, Delicious, Creative

 My personal favorite of the party were our two
grand-daughters singing 
'Create in Me a Pure Heart' using sign language!
Precious little 'elves'!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pink Christmas!

I'm on a pink mission!
Inspired by my mother who is 'Fighting Like a Girl',
I add pink to any holiday throughout the year.
I bought a bag of pink bulbs from a consignment shop and
of course since I'm a modpodge freak, I had to glitze the pink
bulbs up with modpodge and glass glitter!
Add some 'foo-foo' and some cute tags from
and voila, beautiful Christmas gifts!

 My next mod-podge project are these beautiful
glass wine glasses and small vases.
These are Thank You gifts that will be given
to donators to our Breast Cancer Fund.
I filled them with candy and added a tag.
The wine glasses will also make a great tea lite!

Pink Peppermint Sticks!
Added to a gift tag, they make great party favors!

There's no end to all of the 'cutesy' things to be made in

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mod Podge Christmas Decor!

As I'm getting ready for our 
Holiday Cookie Exchange Party
here at Heritage Home~Place
I am decorating every indoor and outdoor area possible.
As I add a silver tree to my 1954 Clipper Silver Streak Camper
I realize that I don't have the right color of bulbs.
Hmmm...do I search online for the right teal color or do I create them myself?
Of course, my first place to look for diy projects is Pinterest.
And I found the perfect solution!
Make them myself!
Debbiedoos had the answer for me!
So, with Mod Podge and Rit Dye I started the process
of creating my own color for the bulbs on my tree!

 Since I'm already a fan of Mod Podge, it was easy to follow
Debbie's directions!  I bought some really cheap
small silver bulbs from the Dollar General and started the process.
I first mixed some Aqua Marine Rit Dye in the Mod Podge.
Then I painted the bulbs.  I sprinkled on some silver glass glitter
and hung to dry.  Inspired by the color, I then created
some Christmas gifts using wine glasses and clear glass bulbs I used the same
process and was thrilled with the finished products!
I can even use the Mod Podge/Rit Dye on white burlap
to make really unique tags!
I'm hooked on Mod Podge more than ever!

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Holiday Cookie Exchange

Join us for our 

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

Saturday, December 7 at 1pm

Heritage Home~Place
7770 NE Jones Road
Cameron, MO  64429

Door Prizes ~ Scavenger Hunt ~ Christmas Games
Cookie Vote ~ Cookie Awards
Hot Chocolate ~ Cookies!

The Cookie Exchange Party
will not only be a day of fun but will also be a fundraiser
for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Tickets may be purchased for a Gift Basket Drawing.
The Gift Basket will be filled with goodies from local businesses.
Proceeds will be given to a local woman that is going
through breast cancer treatment.
What a great way to start the Holiday Season!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ye Old Cook Stove

This little cook stove is the center piece of our booth space
This beauty used to be my moms.
There is quite a story that goes with this little stove.
My mom bought it from my father-in-law many years ago.
It was in pieces.  She and dad fixed it and set it up.
They had it for several years until it was sold in an auction.
A few years later, my mother-in-law was at a friend's home
and saw the stove and recognized it.
The owner was wanting to sell it.
My hubby and I bought it and set it up as a
decorator piece in our dining room in our old farm house.
We sold the farm house to our oldest son and left the stove to him.
A few years later he sold the farm house.
We took the stove to store it for him.
I stored it as a decorator piece in my potting shed.
 It was pretty rusted.  I decided to move it to my booth space
in the Iron Horse Primitives.
To clean it up, I used white vinegar and a scouring pad
and scrubbed as much rust off of it as possible.
I then treated it with crisco just like I would one
of my iron skillets and let it sit in the sun.
It worked beautifully!
I love treasures that have meaning.
This little stove definitely is one of my favorite treasures!

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Visit us at the Iron Horse Primitives
for the "A Primitive Christmas" Open House.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Joy Puppy

I know...how many blog posts can one have about their puppy?
Well, just look at her.  How can you resist that face!
This is Joy.  She is our five month old mini long haired dachshund.
She is full of vim-n-vinegar!
Her best friend is the cat.  I've never seen a cat and dog play so amusingly!
Well, there you have it....another puppy post.

Friday, October 18, 2013

October Shoppe Goodies

 Welcome to our Heritage Home~Place Shoppe!

Our booth space in the Iron Horse Primitives
is full to the brim!  We are having so much fun finding treasures
to put in our space in this wonderful venue!

 You will find many home~decor items for your home.

 We also have custom~crafted and re-purposed treasures.

We love 'foodies'.  Specialty Mixes and Missouri grown products.

 We invite you to visit Heritage Home~Place Shoppe!
 We are located inside the Iron Horse Primitives
207 W. 3rd
Cameron, MO  64429

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New/Old Camper

1954 Clipper Silverstreak

My parents have had this camper for 10 years.
When they bought it ten years ago is had been sitting
in a field.  The interior was in bad shape. The floor was
rotted out.  It had bullet holes in it as well.
They brought it home and started the renovation
process.  After many months of work this beauty
was ready to hit the road!
And hit the road they did!  
Through mountains, deserts, prairies....
Oh the memories!

This year they bought a newer camper and will continue
their travels across the highways and byways.
They will miss their Clipper.

Hubby and I are now the new owners of this beauty!
We look forward to continuing the memory making.
It is a special treasure to me to own this camper
knowing that my parents loved and enjoyed it so much.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Preschool Fun

Heritage Home~Place Preschool

I truly love the circle of life!
I have always been involved with my children's education
through homeschooling as well as public and private education systems.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with my 
two grand-daughters this year for Preschool!
One grand-daughter already attends a lovely Preschool
in our home town, but, I get to enjoy additional
learning with her.

Visit our Preschool Page to follow our fun!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer's End

What a busy Summer it has been here on our little 'farmette'!
Two weddings within five months of each other!
Grandchildren visits!
Gardens, Gardens, Gardens!
Camp Outs!
Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!
Fun ~ Love ~ Memories!

Welcome Friends and Family!
I created this cozy indoor garden spot
in our entry.  I love being surrounded by green
growing plants!
Summer may be coming to an end,
but by bringing in the live plants it is
an oasis in the middle of Winter in our entryway.   

This is a great spot to sit with a hot beverage
on a cold winter day and watch the
birds on the bird feeder just outside the window.

Summer was fun and full of memories.
I am looking forward to the cooler, crisper days of Fall.
But most of all, I look forward to the new memories made!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We've Gone to the Dogs!

 Okay we are definitely Dog Crazy!
Another puppy?  Yep!!
Meet 'Joy'!  Our new little Mini Long-Hair Dachshund!
This is 'Joy' and daughter Anna on our way home.

 Hello 'Joy'!
Sitting on hubby's lap.
He's 'dog-tired'!
Joy is pretty cozy!

'Joy' with daughter Leah.

We just got our Boxer pups in a good routine and now starting over with Joy!
But she is worth it.  She's a real joy to our family!